The reason I'm so crabby.

Disclaimer: I was laid off on the Friday before Labor Day, so I'm not in the best mood lately. Loosing my job was bad enough but, working part time for a lot less money is killing me. So my posts lately my be a little less " the glass is half full".

What does a unemployed and broke blogger do to get stories about Disney. I can't get Disney annual passes, I just can't afford them anymore, my wife said something about I have responsibilities to keep my family fed.

I have stories, but I need to finish them. You know, photos and a bit more research. To do this I need to be able to go to Disney. Our family had Disney annual passes for years and years. We had them for 2015-2016 year this past September they expired on the Labor Day weekend. That Friday I was laid off. Before that 2014-2015 we had no tickets, we had some unexpected expenses that caused us forget about tickets that year. But, before that we had Disney tickets for like 10-12 years. We spent a fortune over the years at Disney.

That's why I'm so crabby. Even my daughters dog can't stand me anymore. I've got to first get a new job, then get to Walt Disney World somehow again.

But anyway thanks for visiting my blog.

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