D23 is Free!

Disney's D23

Have you heard of D23 ? Well most Disney fan have at least heard the term. But, what the heck is it? Well Disney has a membership club and now it's free. Well the basic membership is free. D23 has a few membership levels. The free one has well I'll let Disney tell you. One-Year D23 General Membership Includes:

  • D23 FanFare: Subscription to weekly e-newsletter with breaking news, exclusive features and special offers. (You may opt out of receiving FanFare after your first e-newsletter arrives.)

  • Plus, stay connected to D23 every day at D23.com, featuring breaking Disney news, exclusive feature stories, event info, merchandise and more.

  • Special promotional offers and discounts throughout the year: members can save hundreds of dollars on shopping, entertainment and their next Disney adventure.

  • Exclusive Merchandise: Access to exclusive, limited-edition merchandise and collectibles.

As you see Disney give you a taste of the D23 universe. There are pay levels also from about $80.00 to $105.00 . Either way free or pay you will be a bit more informed than the average Disney fan. Give it a try, I did and I'll let you know has it is.

Thanks for stopping by.

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