Disney's Pop Century Resort construction update.

Welcome to Disney's Pop Century, you can stay in any building you want except building 8.

Why not ,you may ask? Because building 8 is being totally renovated , all the guest rooms. All the rooms are being gutted. Which means brand new upgraded guest rooms.

About six months to a year ago Disney renovated about 5 rooms. They removed the two double beds and replaced them with a queen sized bed and a dining table and chairs that folded into a double bed. Disney used these rooms to test out if guests liked having this option. It seems like it was a real success , because the entire building is being renovated."All the rooms will be changed to the new design" said an unnamed front desk cast member. Just looking around the building for the short time I was there, I felt funny take pictures of the rooms and building, so I only stayed about 10 minutes or so.I'm still getting use to going from tourist to press. I could see the workers removed everything from the rooms. If you think Pop Century's rooms looked small with all the furniture in it, look at them empty' they look so tiny. This renovation is the first I've seen up close. I expected fences and security but none of either. I think the renovation is only 20 days so fences are not necessary. I also think the addition of fences and such may ruin the the view for the people on vacation. It is nice to see Disney gives the crew Sundays off or a make up day as needed. Take a look at the photos and you may be able to see the schedule on each of the rooms. Each block of rooms, about a dozen , is started on a certain day and finished about 20 days later. I think this is after demolition is done. So maybe in a month or two the buildings should be ready for guests. I can't wait to see the new rooms for myself and get pictures for you guys. Thanks for visiting and please like the blog and leave a comment.


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