My Hour and a Half Disney World Vacation!

My family went to Orlando for a Water polo tournament. Lucky for me it was close to Disney We went up on Friday, earlier than usual, so we arrived a bit sooner than later. So Friday our girls had to go see their friends. My wife and I were alone for some peace and quiet. Saturday morning we had coupons for McDonald's ( coupons are for poor people because I am one) we all had a good breakfast. McDonald's is good if you don't eat it all the time. We met up with the girls and ate. The girls played a couple games and we went to dinner then back to the room for bed. Sunday comes the girls game starts 3 or 4 pm. So our morning is free. The girls want to watch the boys games and not go to Disney. Finally my wife and I headed to Disney. Great let's go to Wilderness Lodge to see Geyser Point , the new restaurant at the Lodge. So I'm like taking pictures for the blog and my wife checks out the menu. I'm secretly hoping she finds something , anything she likes so we can eat there. Guess what? No luck " that's all the same food you get anywhere else" she said. One more broken dream. We tour around the resort a bit more then head over to Disney Springs. On a side note it was so hot, like 90*. We planned to go to the Springs for a snack. On the way one of the girls called and said " when are you coming back" ,their games were starting earlier than scheduled, so we cut our trip short. We parked, great spot the parking garages are awesome. We ran to Basin ,no Disney trip is complete without a complimentary hand wash.To make your hands clean and soft. Then we headed to Ghirardelli for a free sample candy treat. We looked in a few shops,I took more photos. I tried to explain poutine to my wife and head back to the car to go. In total a hour and a half Disney vacation. I can't wait for my next trip, maybe we can save up

for a 3 hour tour!

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