The little guy loses again.(and little guy I mean me)

Disney is going to start charging overnight hotel guests for parking. Starting March 19 2018 , free parking is a thing of the past. Value Hotels are $13.00 per night. Moderate hotels are $19.00 per night. Deluxe hotels are $24.00 per night. Valet parking is increased to $33.00 per night. Now going to the resorts for shopping ,dinner or touring the Resort is still free (for now). But I’m sure soon Disney will charge for that also, maybe validate your ticket for a purchase of food or something. I can’t believe Disney is somehow losing money year after year and just realized it. Someone just the other day said Disney is for the rich. Disney’s defense is that charging for parking is just a industry standard which they didn’t do for years. Even Disney Springs hotels charge for parking. That was always a benefit staying on property, free parking. Even if the price was cheaper at a Disney Springs hotel , parking fees made it about the same price. Now I still love Disney, but I’m not sure it Disney still loves me. I am reminded of how hard in general , life is . Everyone has problems. So when I need to “escape” to Disney for a break from the real world. How often can I now afford to go?

But yesterday Disney’s official site doesn’t list parking fees anymore, go figure. #tobrokefordisney

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