Pandora is finally here. Are you going or can’t wait to go?

Pandora is open, how great is that.

Now that pandora is open and the two main rides are working well, pretty much.Are you ready to go? Me, I'm ready to go right now. But, being out of work has left a rather large hole in my bank account. But there is hope for me to return to Disney sometime soon. Now back to Avatarland When the Disney company announced the world of pandora coming to The Animal kingdom Theme Park , not everyone was thrilled. Not me. I actually thought this would be awesome. Having seen the movie in the theater and buying the blu-ray also watching it like 100 times. I knew if done right this would be great. It was like these two power houses found each other just at the right time. Disney has always done attractions right. Maybe the take longer than most but , it's pretty much great. I have heard about the land and attractions from blogs and podcasts. Over all everyone loves it. You gotta go and see for yourself. Hopefully someday I'll be able to say and write I finally went too!

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