Areosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster maybe goes bye-bye. Thanks Jonas Brothers.


Who doesn’t love Rock And Roller Coaster ? I do. But times change and the youths of today say who’s those old guys and I say that's Aerosmith and why do they have their own roller coaster? It's a great roller coaster ! It’s also known that Steven Tyler and the rest of Areosmith are in business to make money, so when it comes to renegotiate their contract with Disney their not looking for a pay cut but, maybe a raise. I know I would. So for years Disney executives have been trying to figure out how to save money every time the renewal comes. Disney would prefer to use their own IP for this ride. But, Bob Iger for years wanted the Jonas Brothers to replace Aerosmith. Disney owns the Jonas Brothers so, it would be free to re-theme the roller coaster to an attraction with The Jonas Brothers. But Bob Iger has to be reminded the Jonas Brothers broke up years ago. But now guess what the Jonas Brothers are back together and that could mean the time is right to say goodbye to Aerosmith and hello Jonas Brothers.

Just so you know I’m just making a educated guess. Just a rumor. We’ll see what happens.

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