Disney things you never knew you never knew.

We all know Disney World and the Disney Hotels are all closed. Makes sense because this pandemic is serious. I hope all is well with you.But, Disney still has to have some of their employees working.

Starting off with security, the property must remain secure.Many security guards are still working.

How about Golf courses, yes they are still open. Disney feels it's outside and you can have social distance enforced.Why not enjoy a round of golf.Not me.

Here's one that makes sense Disney Emergency services, That's Reedy Creek Improvement District, Disney's municipality . Fire department , paramedics and such are still working.

Do you know what else? I do, the grass still grows, so horticulture services are still all around Disney property. There's lots of grass , trees and bushes to maintain . For example Epcot Flower and Garden Show was already started when Disney closed, all those beautiful topiary's still have to be maintained too.

Another very important part of Disney is The Animal Kingdom. Remember all those animals they still need lots of care even though the Parks are closed. There's so many animals to take care of. Also a baby porcupine was born February 25 and a baby Zebra was born on March 21 so extra care was needed.

Need gas? All the speedway gas station remain open for cast members anyone who needs gas.

Even Imagineers are still filing permits for building projects.

But last but not least are all the people from Guest Services, they still are help guest with vital info about the situation.

So just like many others some of us are still stuck going to work. I know I'm stuck going to work Friday . But I'm going into work with my gloves and mask, I really don't want to get sick. Stay safe everyone I hope you enjoyed the info.

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