Things to think about before going to Disney.

Yay Disney is gonna open soon. So what do I do now ? OK first get a Disney Hotel reservation, good got it. How do I get in a park? Just show up, bad idea. Get a Disney park reservation for the day you want to go in a park. OK great what now? How about a dining reservation, no sorry they are all cancelled. How about some fast passes , no sorry all those are cancelled too.

OK let's do a tour or something, no those are cancelled too. Dinning plan guess , cancelled too.

Well it sounds pretty tough going to Disney now a days. We still have a pandemic going on Disney's just trying to make it safe for everyone going to the Parks.Remember pack your patience and try to have fun.

How do you think I feel. I finally bought a Disney Silver pass back in December. I was lucky to go twice before Covid 19 came and shut everything down. Now when the Parks reopen my pass will be blacked out the rest of the summer. The best part is that my job is laying me off after June 30, 2020.I just found out that someone at my school I work at just tested positive for Covid 19 .It really sucks to be me.

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